Bracelet Pedometer
Bracelet Pedometer

The latest watch with acceleration senor. It has clear LED screen which gives you brilliant visual experience.
It is small & light, simple, but fashionable. Designed with all-in-one functions of pedometer, time & date display, and calories tracing.

  • Built-in 8GB ROM, USB flash drive
  • LED display screen, clear and different visual effect
  • Built-in acceleration senor with high sensitivity, can monitor small movements making more accurate pedometer readings
  • with function of signature, you can show your contents of screen with computer output
  • Strap integrates USB 2.0 Interface, plug & play
  • Exercise data memory, can record exercise data about 10 years or more
  • Time and date display, adjust the time with computer synchronization
  • Built-in Capacitive touch keys, Modern and fashionable
  • USB rechargeable watch, built-in rechargeable battery
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Fitness Bracelet
Fitness Bracelet

New Arrival L12S Bluetooth Bracelet Smart Watch for iPhone Android

  • OLED capacitive touch screen
  • High clear communication
  • 250mAh battery,168 hours standby time
  • 3D gyro gravity sensor pedometer
  • international standard Micro-USB charging interface
  • Built-in MP3,can play without connecting to the cellphone
  • Anti-theft,caller ID(Android and IOS support)
  • Bluetooth version 3.0 and EDR technology,support for high-class A2DP audio transmission mode
  • message/contacts/music sync (for Android phones only,  IOS is not supported due to propriety issues)
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Fitness Monitor
Fitness Monitor
  • USB connection
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Bluetooth
  • Silent Vibrate
  • Real-time health monitor
  • and much more.

This fitness monitor supports multi languages and has call reminder & a message reminder.
Count the meters that you walk or measure the calories that you consume with this fitness monitor.
It synchronises with your smartphone via mobile application and presents your health & energy data that it collects while you wear this fitness monitor.
You can use it as a real-time pedometer, use it as hotspot for your smartphone, or simply use it as anti-loss device for your valuable phone.

This fitness monitor is waterproof, shockproof, and corrosion proof so you can wear it at all times.
Compatible with all Bluetooth V2.0+ devices and supports iPhones and Android smart phones such as Samsung S4, S5 etc.,

Look at these healthy features:

  • Material: Steel Silicon
  • LCD: LCM 0.91 inch
  • Resolution: 128×32
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots: High-speed Internet access, Zero flow through to the end
  • Ringing reminder when you receive a call
  • Display the number or name of incoming calls
  • Dial Size: 7.4 x 1.78 x 0.88cm
  • Ringing reminder once your mobile phone disconnected
  • Anti-lost alarm function: When smartphone left beyond a certain distance activates alarm.
  • Caller ID, Reject Call, Alarm Clock, Pedometer, WIFI, Clock, Burglar Alarm etc.
  • Waterproof, swimming, bathing, etc.,
  • Colour: Black or Blue (please specify when ordering)

There is no microphone and loudspeaker on this fitness monitor and therefore it cannot be used to answer or receive call.  You cannot talk to this fitness monitor or hear the voice from this fitness monitor. You still need to use your phone for that.  It will however show you when you have phone calls and you can use it to reject calls.

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Fitness Monitor Pro
Fitness Monitor Pro

This sophisticated fitness & sleep monitor is packed with advanced features –

  • The first fitness & sleep monitor with super clear ‘OLED’ display
  • Real-time data recording during your active day and real-time sleep data recording while you sleep giving you an overview of your whole day
  • USB port (connect to your computer or connect a power bank)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof & Dust protected – IP67. (IP specifies the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment. The rating is determined by specific tests.  IP67 means totally protected against dust and totally protected against the effects of water up to 1 meter of submersion)
  • Communicates with smart phones such as iPhone and Samsung phones via app
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • Silent Vibrate
  • CE certified & RoHS certified (CE and RoHS refers to how safe a product is)
  • Light weight, only 20g
  • Stylish
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Available colours: Black, Blue (please specify when ordering)
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i7 Cyband Smartband
i7 Cyband Smartband

With this fitness monitor you can –

  • Track your activity
  • Have ‘intelligent wake’
  • Monitor your sleep
  • Have a ‘rest’ reminder
  • Monitor calorie consumed
  • Have mobile phone incoming call alert
  • This band has five modes:
  • Activity, Exercise, Name, Sleep, and Bluetooth.

Activity Mode:
In this mode, the band will record your daily activities including steps, distance, calories and lasting time.(Android and IOS support)

Exercise Mode:
Our band will record exercise information of a specific period.(Android and IOS support)

Nap Mode:
Our band will automatically calculate the most proper nap duration and awake time.(Android and IOS support)

Sleep Mode:
In this model, the band will monitor your sleep quality and calculate duration as well.(Android and IOS support)

Bluetooth mode:
In this mode the band synchronizes with the cell phone application (note that only Android support Caller Id vibration)

This Fitness Monitor is waterproof

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Media Player MP3 MP4 32GB Mini
Media Player MP3 MP4 32GB Mini

CustomiseIt is presenting you the newest mp3/mp4 player of all.

With capacity of 32GB (external memory card), it can play music, videos, record sound, show photos, play FM radio and more… It is so slim & light that you can tie to your arm while you jog and forget it is there. It even comes with earphones.
This small & slim media player –

  • has sound equalizer (jazz, pop, classic, rock, etc)
  • supports multi play mode (normal, single cycle, repeat, shuffle, etc)
  • supports memory cards up to 32GB
  • supports multi languages
  • has rechargeable battery
  • supports mp3 (you can also convert other formts such as wma, wmv, asf, wav, mtv, amv)
  • supports ID3 lyric display in pace with song
  • can record sound
  • can show you photos

Comes with earphones, USB cable, and in a box.

Note: It does not come with external memory card.

Select your colour and add to your cart

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Micro SDHC 32GB Memory Card Class 10
Micro SDHC 32GB Memory Card Class 10

CustomiseIt own brand Micro SDHC memory card Class 10.
Delivering you top quality memory cards to fit modern appliances –

  • Smart Mobile Phones such as iPhone
  • Tablets
  • Media Players such as CustomiseIt MP3 MP4 Player
  • Cameras
  • Games
  • Other modern electronic devices which require high performing memory cards
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Mini MP3 Player 32GB
Mini MP3 Player 32GB

CustomiseIt is presenting you what must be the tiniest MP3 player on earth.

About the size of Aus 50c coin it delivers awesome sound quality. It supports up to 32GB and it comes with our MicroSDHC memory card already in the player ready for use.
Connect it to your PC and simply copy & paste your music titles to this player. No special software is required.

It has built-in battery and one charge will last for a few hours.
It has a clip so that you can hook it to your shirt while you jog or while you are at the gym.
it even comes with earphones, USB connector, and a carry bag.

Works with Windows and works with Mac

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