At a glance

'Smart Routines' is a web app that helps you and your staff remember pretty much everything that you need to remember during the day. It makes every schedule, no matter how complex it is, easy and straight forward to manage and remember. This web app is not a calendar application, it is a powerful reminder system that is simple to use, smart, and does nearly everything magically.

Why Smart Routines

easy setup

Easy Setup

Relax while we do all the work for you. We setup your centre and your routines. Everything will work for you 'out of the box.' Seriously it cannot get any easier than this!
Easy Operation

Easy Operation

'Smart Routines' was designed for people that do not know much about computers. There is help every inch of the way, the app is well documented and we have video tutorials as well. If you are on a premium subscription we will tailor training specifically for you. Call us if you need help.
stress free

Goodbye Stress

Take the stress out of your daily routines. You and your staff can now easily remember when to feed a child, when to put a child to sleep, what toy to give the child when going to sleep, who has allergies and for what, children with special needs, pretty much anything and everything you need to remember about the children in your care.
automatic scheduling

Automatic Reminders

Even the most challenging routines are easily managed. Overlapping routines each day, overlapping routines for each child, and overlapping routines between children. You need not do anything to manage such routines because they are all automatically managed by this app.

Real support

We are with you every inch of the way. From setting up your centre to setting up your routines to telephone support when you need help. We are not just another 'call centre.' We can and do actually help you. Talk to us we are real people situated in Melbourne Australia.


Imagine you can manage your app from anywhere, and we mean anywhere. Your office, coffee shop, your hotel, the swimming pool. This app is reactive. Meaning, any change you make automatically goes to client machines. Users do not need to refresh anything and you do not need to spend hours on the phone explaining the changes either. This app automatically refreshes itself with your changes within seconds. Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone.

Why Us


Highly experienced with over twenty years in the industry


The only one thing that we do, is develop apps for the education industry

We make our apps so simple to operate that it's hard to believe. Even if you are inexperienced in computers you will be able to use our apps

Plans & Pricing


One centre

One room

Five children (with child image)

Five schedules per day for each child

Telephone support during business hours

Free software upgrades


Unlimited centres

Unlimited rooms

Unlimited children (with child image)

Unlimited schedules per day for each child

Use images in schedules

Use videos in schedules

Telephone support during business hours

Telephone support after hours (weekday)

Telephone support over the weekend

Personal training

Free software upgrades

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